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Back-to-School Meals That You Can Barbecue

School may be back in session for students across the country, but that doesn’t mean barbecue season is over. And since back-to-school days are especially hectic, easy-to-make and easy-to-clean-up barbecue meals are always a good thing. Plus, there’s the fun factor–kids enjoy a barbecue and to eat outdoors. And if the temperatures are still warm outside, turning on an oven is unnecessary,

We put our thinking caps on to offer these unique and creative grill recipes (translation: no hot dogs).


Pizza on the grill is a healthy option that beats delivery any day. It’s a high-fiver for hungry kids and is also an easy meal for time-crunched parents. Play with topping by adding meat and vegetables to get a complete a complete meal. Get the Grilled Pizza recipe.

Burgers and Meatloaf

Unbound Wellness

Of course, burgers are a no-brainer, but a new school year calls for a new perspective. Why not switch things up and graduate from beef burgers? These avocado chicken burgers are an excellent alternative. They’ve got hidden vegetables for the finicky eater and healthy fats from an avocado mayonnaise–a filling and healthy dinner to cap off the end of a busy day and usher in a night of homework. Get the Spinach Avocado Chicken burger recipe.

Turkey meatloaf is a healthy alternative to beef and mini loaves are ideal for the younger kids in the family. And yes, you can make these mini turkey meatloaves right on the grill. This recipe is intended to be an appetizer for a dinner party but they work flawlessly as kid-friendly dinner. The best part–there are even vegetables in the loaf (peppers and corn). Get the Grilled Turkey Mini Meatloaf recipe.

Chicken and Vegetable Skewers

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No matter how you skew it, chicken, shrimp, or vegetable skewers are kid-pleasers. A skewer makes mealtime interactive and, as a result, more entertaining (though the littlest of eaters probably shouldn’t be messing with skewers). For mom and dad, dinner is easy as dicing and threading the skewer and throwing it on the grill. You can also kill two birds with one skewer–alternate the meat or fish with a vegetable and you’ll have a colorful eye candy that packs a lot of nutrients. Looking for leftovers? Repurpose the dish by using the cubes of meat and veggies over a bed of rice or quinoa.

Check out these recipes, skewed just for kids.


Skip a sugary dessert and go for grilled fruit. “My favorite thing to grill for kids is fruit,” says Lara Lyn Carter, Emmy award-winning TV host, chef, and cookbook author. “It is a great alternative to a high-sugar dessert. Peaches, pineapple, plums, bananas–there are so many fruits that are perfect for grilling.”

Check out Carter’s recipe for Grilled Peaches here.

Header image courtesy of Watch What U Eat.

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