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Category: Homesteading

Hibiscus Moscheutos Care: All About Growing Swamp Mallow

Hibiscus Moscheutos [Hi-BIS-kus Mos-KEW-tos] is a flowering plant species from the family Malvaceae. These perennial, cold-hardy, native plants are often grown in larger colonies along wetlands and riverine systems in different parts of the United States. It is mostly native to North America, and South to Florida and Ontario. Synonyms for this plant are: Hibiscus […]

Sempervivum Calcareum: Growing The Houseleek Plant

Sempervivum calcareum [sem-per-VEE-vum, kal-KAR-ee-um] is a succulent perennial native to the southern Alps in New Zealand and belongs to the Sempervivum plant genus and Crassulaceae (stonecrop) family. It forms a large rosette of thick green leaves with reddish-purple tips. The Sempervivum mother hen and chicks Common names include: Houseleek Old man and woman Roof houseleek […]

Aeonium Kiwi [Succulent Plant] Growing And Care

Kiwi Aeonium haworthii [ee-OH-nee-um, hay-WOR-thee-eye] is native to the Canary Islands and Morocco but now grows in areas with similar climates, such as Southern California. In temperate regions, it makes a great houseplant. Aeonium plants belong to the Crassulaceae (stonecrop) family of succulents and the genus Aeonium. The kiwi variety is unique for its kiwi-colored […]

Walking Iris: How To Grow and Care For Apostle Iris

Walking Iris or Neomarica spp. [nee-oh-mar-EE-kuh] plants are herbaceous perennials with elegant glossy-green sword-shaped foliage and stunning blue-and-white fragrant flowers belonging to the Iridaceae family. Out of its several species, the most popular ones are: Neomarica gracilis Neomarica northiana Neomarica caerulea These easy-blooming tropical plants are native to Brazil and other Caribbean states. These attractive […]

Silver Squill Care: All About Growing Ledebouria Socialis

Ledebouria Socialis [Le-de-BOR-ree-a So-KEE-ah-liss] plants are geophytic succulents from the subfamily of Hyacinthaceae. This species of perennial bulbous plants are native to the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. This small, attractive bulbous plant is the favorite among the genus Ledebouria, grown by collectors of unusual and rare plants, as well as enthusiasts of pot […]

Indoor Succulents: Discover Made To Order Succulents For Use Indoors

There are many kinds of succulents you can grow: … and of course Indoor Succulents In this article, we’ll look at growing succulents indoors not air plants. Because anyone can grow succulents indoors! Succulents are made to order and perfect for growing indoors: They have low-maintenance requirements Built for the indoor conditions of dry air […]

Agave Lophantha Care: Tips On Growing The Quadricolor Agave

Agave Lophantha [A-GAH-vee Low-FAN-tha] is an evergreen succulent belonging to the Asparagaceae family (formerly Agavaceae). It’s mistaken at times an aloe plant or cacti, but the Agave genus has unique features. There are more than 200 Agave species. This native to Mexico and the southwestern United States, Lophantha is also known as Agave Univittata. You’ll […]

Sedum Autumn Fire [Autumn Fire Stonecrop] Growing And Care

Sedum “Autumn Fire” is a succulent belonging to the sedum genus of flowering plants. These plants are part of the Crassulaceae family, also known as the stonecrop family. Sedum plants are native to Europe and found throughout the world. They’ve become popular houseplants, thanks to their compact shape and showy flowers. The autumn fire variety […]

Snake Plant – Mother In Laws Tongue Poisonous, Toxic?

The Snake Plant is an evergreen perennial belonging to genus Sansevieria and family Asparagaceae. It is recognized by a number of common names including: It’s also called Viper’s Bowstring Hemp a reference to the fact the plant’s a source of fiber used to create bowstrings. The botanical name for the most popular species is Sansevieria […]

Rose Of Sharon Care: How To Grow The Hibiscus Syriacus Tree

Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) is a very beautiful, slow-growing, deciduous shrub producing luxuriant blooms during the summer when grown in warm climates. Reaching a maximum height of 8? to 10? feet tall, it is an excellent choice as an ornamental privacy hedge from early spring through late summer. This family Malvaceae member – a […]