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Category: Homesteading

Goldfish Plant Care: Growing And Caring For Columnea Plants

The “goldfish plant” or Columnea and its many hybrids are an attractive hanging houseplant. The Columnea plant has long, trailing stems, small oval leaves and pretty, ever-blooming flowers in yellow, orange or red. The beautiful flowers are often said to look like goldfish or lipstick, so you may hear this plant referred to as a […]

Bromeliad Watering – How Often To Fill Up The Tank!

Bromeliads are colorful, long-lasting (3 -4 months) and make great gifts. People always ask how to water them. This video will give you a quick lesson on watering bromeliads and see just how much water can bromeliads hold. Bromeliads, in their natural habitat, grow under a wide range of conditions and will survive prolonged periods […]

Bromeliad Plant Care: How To Grow And Care For Bromeliads

Here’s the best part of Bromeliad plant care… its NOT that difficult. Which is great to know… because there are more than 3000 different types of bromeliads, hailing from the tropical areas of the Americas, also known as the neo-tropics. There is also a species that currently thrives in Western Africa; however, it is not […]

Neoregelia Care: 17 Tips For Growing The Neoregelia Bromeliad

Bromeliads are a favorite of mine for color inside and out. Indoors we often see the “Silver Vase” Aechmea Fasciata. Guzmanias are another popular bromeliad you see in many garden centers. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of catching some colorful Neoregelias they are a feast for the eyes. The thick, tough foliage and centers […]

South Facing Window Plants – Choosing Houseplants For Southern Windows

A south facing window is an excellent place to keep indoor plants, as long as you keep the right houseplants and take steps to protect them from extreme sun. The bright natural light of southern exposure provides plenty of energy for hungry plants. But, you must remember that the glass of the window may magnify […]